Beatles Black Vinyl EAS Series LPs

The number in the first column is the number (if any) of the LP in the series as displayed on the spine of the record album cover or on the obi. The third column refers to the flag shown at the top of the obi that specifies the country of origin of the original record.

1 Please Please Me British EAS-80550
2 With The Beatles British EAS-80551
3 A Hard Day's Night British EAS-80552
4 Beatles For Sale British EAS-80553
5 Help! British EAS-80554
6 Rubber Soul British EAS-80555
7 Revolver British EAS-80556
8 A Collection Of Beatles Oldies British EAS-80557
9 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts British EAS-80558
10 The Beatles (White Album) British EAS-77001-2
11 Yellow Submarine British EAS-80559
12 Abbey Road British EAS-80560
13 Let It Be British EAS-80561
14 The Beatles 1962-1966 British EAS-77003-4
15 The Beatles 1967-1970 British EAS-77005-6
16 Meet The Beatles USA EAS-80562
17 The Beatles' Second Album USA EAS-80563
18 Something New USA EAS-80564
19 The Beatles Story USA EAS-77007-8
20 The Early Beatles USA EAS-80565
21 Beatles VI USA EAS-80566
22 Help! USA EAS-80567
23 Yesterday And Today USA EAS-80568
24 Magical Mystery Tour USA EAS-80569
25 Hey Jude (The Beatles Again) USA EAS-80570
26 Meet The Beatles Japan EAS-70100
27 The Beatles' Second Album Japan EAS-70101
28 Beatles No. 5 Japan EAS-70102
29 Rock And Roll Music British EAS-77009-10
30 Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl British EAS-80830
31 Love Songs British EAS-50007-8
32 The Beatles Greatest Dutch EAS-81056
33 The Beatles Beat German EAS-81057
34 Rarities British EAS-63010
35 Rarities USA EAS-81325
36 Rock And Roll Music Vol. 1 No Flag EAS-70128
37 Rock And Roll Music Vol. 2 No Flag EAS-70129
38 The Beatles Ballads No Flag EAS-91006
39 Reel Music No Flag EAS-81480
-- The Beatles In Italy No Flag EAS-81525
-- The Beatles 20 Greatest Hits No Flag EAS-91047
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